Phase I Complete

Phase I included a new outpatient pharmacy, cardiopulmonary area, behavioral health rooms and large treatment room which have all been turned over for patient care.

With its new location at the main entrance of the hospital, the outpatient pharmacy is even more convenient for patients discharging from the hospital as well as those filling a prescription following an appointment or others needing an over-the-counter medication.
“This will make our patients’ transitions from hospital to home even easier,” said George Gess, pharmacy technician at YVMC. “With two register windows, we’re able to cut down on wait times while maintaining patient privacy and staying compliant with social distancing requirements.”

Pharmacy staff also benefit from the new, well-organized work space. Gess said the extra counter space allows for an extra staff member to step in and help during busy times. It also helps with an environment of safety.

“We handle a lot of paperwork that contains protected patient information, as well as countless medications throughout the day,” he said. “Keeping the right medication with the right patient’s literature is crucial. Now, we’re able to stay better organized and maintain efficiency.”

A counseling room with a door affords patients the opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns about medications in privacy. And, those needing over-the-counter medications can now shop for them from shelves in the waiting area.



 Just down the hall from the outpatient pharmacy is the cardiopulmonary area. Like the outpatient pharmacy, it moved locations to accommodate additional square footage for the emergency department.

Now more centrally located and closer to central admissions, cardiopulmonary’s location provides easy access for both outpatients and inpatients as they manage their pulmonary function.



 Modifications were made to the two anti-ligature behavioral health rooms to make it possible for them to flex, when necessary, to provide standard patient care. An electric door now secures medical equipment including oxygen, suction, a cardiac monitor and a sink.



 One of the behavioral health rooms is now a negative pressure room and is connected to a bathroom with a shower, providing a better patient experience.


 A large treatment room was added next to the behavioral health rooms. The spacious room allows for multiple care team members to deliver care at the same time..

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