Emergency Department Renovation 

The patient satisfaction scores and unparalleled care provided in the Emergency Department (ED) as well as our Level III trauma center designation continue to affirm UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center as the leader in Emergency Care in the Northwest Colorado area. According to the American Trauma Society, YVMC’s ED has demonstrated the ability to provide prompt assessment, resuscitation, surgery, intensive care and stabilization of injured patients and emergency operations. The ED has 24/7 coverage by board-certified emergency medicine physicians and retains on-call specialists, including surgeons and anesthesiologists, among others, to deliver a multidisciplinary, team approach to care.

YVMC’s ED opened when the hospital did making it nearly 20 years old. It is now time to re-imagine our Emergency Department so that the environment will  rise to that level of care.  The new Emergency Department will be built on a patient-centered design with private rooms, larger trauma rooms, and better work flow for your providers.

To better see what the future Emergency Department will look like, click on the link below for 360 degree views.

June brought the beginning of phase two of the four phase project, which is the most critical as it consists of 60% of the entire renovation and will be completed by fall.

Excavation and foundation work was completed in order to accommodate the expansion into the courtyard between the existing Emergency Department and the Medical Office Building.

New structural steel posts and beams have been brought in to form the new ambulatory patient entrance.  Outside, a new ambulatory patient entrance and vestibule are being added.  

This is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for more changes!

Phase One has been completed!

The  Outpatient Pharmacy has been moved to the main entrance of the hospital making it even easier to access for both patients being discharged from the hospital as well as anyone from the community needing to fill a prescription or an over the counter medication. Down the hall, a new cardiopulmonary area was built to provide easy access for both outpatients and inpatients.  

Upgrades to the behavioral health rooms were also made with garage like doors that can quickly be opened and closed, giving the rooms flexibility as to how they are used.  One room is also now a negative pressure room and has a connection to a bathroom and shower.

In addition, a new larger treatment room was added next to the behavioral health room which will provide additional space for multiple care providers to attend to a patient at the same time. 

“Half of the people treated here are eventually admitted. It is vital we modernize our space to mirror the standard of care both in the ED and throughout the hospital.  We owe that to the families we’ve served for generations. When completed, it will be a jewel in our crown, a place of pride for everyone associated with YMVC.”

Laura A. Sehnert, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician
Chief Medical Officer
UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center

“When the hospital was being built to replace the old Routt Memorial Hospital downtown, it gave us the opportunity to design the Emergency Department as it currently exists.  We used our experiences working in many different EDs and combined it with the unique needs that providing care in a ski town created. I think those concepts served both the community, its visitors and the staff well for 20 years. As with everything, times change, which requires adaptation to new needs and advances in knowledge and technology. The time has come for a re-design of the ED to accommodate those changes. I am happy to see the extent of planning and expertise being employed to create the ED of the future for YVMC.”

Larry Bookman, MD
Retired Emergency Medicine Physician
Former Director of Emergency Services, Routt Memorial Hospital
Former Chief Medical Officer, Yampa Valley Medical Center

“As you well know, access to a high-level Emergency Department is crucial for citizens living in rural areas and can often be challenging, particularly here in Northwest Colorado where adverse weather conditions can make travel to larger cities more difficult. We are honored to contribute towards the modernization of our Emergency Department here in Steamboat Springs.” 

Sara Craig-Scheckman
Craig-Scheckman Family Foundation Board of Directors
President, CSFF

“It has been an honor to be a part of the incredible team designing the new Emergency Department at YVMC. As someone who has been engaged in many ED redesigns across Colorado and the rest of the country, I have been amazed at the dedication to detail that has gone into the current proposal – from operational flow and patient experience, to financial implications and much more.  I am very excited to see this project through to its culmination in a state of the art ED that continues to deliver the highest quality care in the Yampa Valley.” 

Kelly Bookman, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician
Senior Medical Director for UCHealth Emergency Services

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