Phase III Underway

Phase III of the emergency department renovation is currently underway and making good progress.  This phase of construction will open for patient care in late February and include new trauma rooms, a skier staging area, on-call ED physician room, storage and utilities, staff lounge and locker rooms, decontamination room and EMS lounge. The final phase is expected to be finished and open for patient care late this spring.

The dedicated ambulance entrance is nearing completion.  Having a separate entrance for patients who arrive via EMS and private vehicle will expedite patients into the department, allowing care to be delivered even quicker.

Recognize the former patient waiting and admissions area?  This space is being built to house an on-call ED physician room, staff lounge and locker rooms, a decontamination room and EMS lounge.  

A new private trauma bay begins to take shape.  Framing and mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-in are in progress.

A new staff lounge, which will have windows and a kitchenette, is being created.  Now, your caregivers will have a place to go and recharge so they can better care for you no matter the time of day.