2022 Annual Appeal

Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation

We often hear from our patients and their loved ones on how members of the UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center team have made an impact in their lives. This year, we would like to share a few stories of gratitude.

“Upon arrival in Steamboat Springs for a family ski trip, my 12-year-old son began complaining of leg pain. After a few days of being unwilling to ski, we decided to be on the safe side and have him checked out at the hospital. My son and I checked in at 11:30 a.m., with the only symptom being a pain in his upper thigh. We were immediately provided a room and assigned a nurse who ran some preliminary tests.

“By 3:30 p.m., he had spiked a fever, more tests were underway and the staff was clearly becoming more concerned with his trending condition. They quickly decided to conduct an MRI to zero in on the area and find the source of the issue. With limited staff at that hour, a kind technician agreed to stay later into the evening to conduct the MRI for my son. After a series of internal discussions, as well as validating with Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver, the team identified the source of the issue and immediately administered medicine to begin addressing the source of infection. Little did I know the speed at which the team worked likely saved my son’s life.

“Upon our return to Miami, a follow up was needed four weeks later with a local doctor to check on my son’s condition and ensure he was on the path to a full recovery.

As we left our local hospital, the doctor commented on how fortunate we were to have been in Steamboat and under their care when this happened.

“’Had your son been here,’ he said, ‘we never could have executed that quickly, given his limited symptoms and the large number of patients that would have been placed before him.’

“The end result could have become fatal.

“It is with this example that my family and I are forever grateful for the speed in which the hospital moved to understand my son’s medical condition; the kindness of every nurse and doctor who supported us during our stay exhibited; the willingness of the technician to stay a few extra hours; the gentle touch of the nurses who took his blood every four hours; and the teamwork exhibited in the collaboration amongst local doctors as well as at Children’s Hospital Colorado. You are blessed to have the quality of professionals you do at UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center.”

— Kristen Connell, Miami, FL

“It’s nearly impossible to put in to words the excellent care I’ve received from the staff at YVMC. In the middle of the pandemic, I got a severe case of food poisoning requiring a trip to the ER. Being really ill while dealing with life during a pandemic was scary enough however from the moment I arrived at the reception desk, the speed, care, comfort and sincere concern of the staff calmed my fears. Everyone was dialed in to the obvious fright shown on my face and swiftly worked to reassure and comfort me. In addition, the newly upgraded ER is one impressive state-of-the-art facility.

“With the competence of the staff and their expert knowledge of food borne illness I was given a treatment plan that had me on the mend the next day. Fast forward one year to an MRI with contrast, a first for me.

Being nervous about the machine and the addition of contrast, I shared my concerns with the imaging tech who went above, beyond and then some to insure I was comfortable, tuned in to my favorite music and most important as a patient, in constant communication with a caring voice especially when the contrast was added. Easy, breezy and relaxed atmosphere.

“This is the type of care everyone hopes to receive when requiring medical attention. Every staff member I interacted with was well trained, highly responsive and put the patient first. I am so fortunate to live in a community with such a fantastic group of medical professionals that truly care about their patients as living, breathing, feeling humans.”

— Vickie Ludlow, Steamboat Springs, CO

This year’s annual priorities

A donation to Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation is an opportunity to say “thank you” to YVMC’s health care workers who continue to put their patients first.

We are currently raising funds to replace the hospital’s CT scanner, which will soon be obsolete. You can make an online donation using the form below, or mail your donation to:

Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation
PO Box 883415
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488

Your donation may qualify for up to a 25% Enterprise Zone Tax Credit! Check out our website at:

https://www.yvmcf.org/edreno/ez-tax-credit/  or ask us for more information!