You make possibilities a reality.

As our community transitions from one of the more trying years in memory, we remain grateful for UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center and its dedicated providers and staff who helped us navigate the uncertainties that became part of our daily lives.

The desire to help others remains strong in the Yampa Valley. Through the exceptional generosity of our community members, both full and part time, Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation has raised over $20 million since its inception in 2001. Because of this, the hospital has been able to enhance patient services and experiences, support staff education and procure additional equipment. YVMC is committed to patient-centered care. The Foundation’s contribution of $2.3 million towards the emergency department renovations is the most recent example of how together, we can make a positive impact.

As we look to the future with optimism, we are grateful to the ever-increasing members of our community who recognize and value the critical importance of having an award-winning medical center as a cornerstone of the Yampa Valley.  By all working together to support it, we will be able to ensure that YVMC remains a bright beacon of extraordinary health care, right here in the heart of our community.

—Leslie Knutson, YVMCF Board Chair

This year’s annual priorities

Oncology Patient Assistance

A cancer diagnosis brings with it a host of challenges and uncertainty for not only the patient, but family members, too. Cancer is toxic, and it significantly impacts both the patient’s health and finances. Financial toxicity can result from decreased earning and increased spending after diagnosis. The stress of how to cover the costs of medical treatment and medications on top of paying regular bills and buying groceries can be overwhelming. The team at UCHealth Jan Bishop Cancer Center works to provide care from diagnosis, through treatment and into remission. Through the Oncology Patient Assistance Fund, Yampa Valley Medical Center Foundation hopes to support patients by raising funds that may pay a utility bill, provide healthy groceries, occasionally cover the cost of a prescription cost or provide a place to stay while receiving treatment.

Greatest Need

Gifts to the Foundation’s unrestricted funds allow for allocation to the program or services where the need is currently greatest. Your contribution to these funds helps the Foundation respond to the pressing needs of the hospital, staff,  and our patients.


The halls of our hospital buzz with physicians making their rounds and nurses rotating from day to night shifts.  While behind the scenes, the hospital’s operation crews work diligently to keep the heart of the hospital ticking.  These team members are an integral part of our hospital and play a vital role each and every day.  Their value to the health of the hospital? Critical.  And often times the public isn’t aware of their presence.  They are Environmental Services, Transportation, Courier, Plant Operations, Food and Nutrition Services, Central Supply, Security, Admissions and our Pharmacy