Quality health care in Steamboat Springs is vital to our community to keep it strong, vibrant and sustainable.  We are asking for your support in helping UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center to be able to continue providing safe and high quality health care our patients deserve to receive and have come to expect.

2018/19 Annual Appeals Programs:

  • Susan de Wardt Therapeutic Writing Program
    Expressive writing can help cancer patients, their families and even oncology staff. Research shows expressive writing can lead to physiological and behavioral health improvements in patients, as well as a decrease in burnout and compassion fatigue in nurses. Your support will help provide additional training and participant supplies to ensure this is a sustainable program.
  • Simulation lab
    The simulation lab is a manakin based training space that allows providers to learn new skills and stay up to date on high acuity, low frequency procedures.  The manikins are used not only by providers and hospital staff, but also by local emergency responders.  Your support will help update the existing manikins and provide for additional staffing.
  • Emergency department renovation
    Your donation will help support expanding and renovating the existing Emergency Room to accommodate mulit use trauma rooms and state of the art equipment.   This will allow us to meet 21st-century challenges and better serve you in your greatest time of need.
  • Greatest Need
    Your donation will help support the most pressing needs of the hospital, making sure that your money will have the greatest impact on improving care for our patients.
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